Image Requirements

As your artwork will be judged on the photo you provide, a quality photograph will help your entry.

Follow these guidelines and help us to see and judge your amazing creation.

  • Pay close attention to the surroundings, what is behind / beside your artwork.
    • A clear background works best
  • Make sure your  photograph is square on to the artwork.
  • Don’t use a flash
  • Try to photograph in bright but indirect sunlight.
  • Avoid camera shake or anything else that could cause blurring (a tripod is helpful here)
  • In your image editing software:
    • Crop the image to better frame your work
    • Balance the colour to match your artwork as closely as possible
  • Please do not watermark your photos.  If you have concerns, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk through them.
  • These artworks are being displayed on the website after entries close.  Please keep in mind that a big file size is a slow loading file size.  With that in mind:
    • Please keep uploaded images to less than 5mb and
    • an image width of no more than 2500 pixels
  • Lastly, if in doubt, don’t be afraid to take the photo, email us and ask.