How It Works:

  • To enter, upload a digital photo of your 2d or 3d visual artwork for display on Te Tai o Poutini Art Awards website. Closing date: 4 November
  • Up to 25 artworks will be shortlisted for judging. Each finalist receives a $250 grant and freights the artwork to Hokitika for judging and photographing.
  • Award winners are announced and featured on the website. Finalists’ artworks are returned to artists.
  • Large photographic panels of the finalists’ artworks are displayed in an exterior exhibition in Weld Lane (Hokitika) and other West Coast towns. QR codes link each image to the website with further links to each artist.

Entry Information:

  1. Open to all artists 18 years and over who are resident of, or have a connection to, Te Tai o Poutini, the West Coast of the South Island, NZ.
  2. Entries are limited to two PER ARTIST.
  3. Entry is by digital photograph of your artwork uploaded to the Te Tai o Poutini Art Awards website. Digital art files may be uploaded directly. Information about image requirements can be found here.
  4. Enter online at Entries close on 4 November 2020.
  5. No entry fee is required for 2020.
  6. No Commission will be charged on sales for 2020.
  7. All sales are to be conducted directly by the artist. Contact details for each artist will be displayed with each entry on the website.
  8. The sale price must be clearly marked on your entry form. If you do not want to sell your artwork, write NFS (Not For Sale) on your entry form.

Conditions of Entry:

  1. Artworks must meet the following conditions to be eligible for this competition:
    • Artists selected as finalists will send their artwork to Hokitika for judging. A sum of $250 will be granted for each artwork shortlisted as a finalist. The organisers will cover the cost to return the artwork.
    • Artworks must be transportable, and should be able to be handled by two people
    • Artworks must be able to be captured and portrayed by a single photograph
    • Digital art (including art photography) must exist as a single digital image.
    • Print works must be original to the artist and created by the artist’s own hand.
    • Artists must own the right to use the images in their works or have permission to use them.
    • Work entered must have been created within the last two years. It may not have been completed as part of a class or workshop, and not have been a prize-winner in any other competition.
  2. Moving imagery is not eligible for entry in this competition.
  3. Late entries will not be accepted.
  4. No Title or Price changes will be accepted after entry closing date.
  5. The organisers reserve the right to NOT accept all entries. If artworks are not suitable for selection, the artist will be contacted by the organisers.
  6. Shortlisted entries (finalists) will be selected by a curatorial panel.
  7. The curators’ and judges’ decisions are final, and no communication will be entered into. The judges are independent of the organisers.
  8. The organisers reserve the right to use images of selected artwork (with acknowledgement) for promotional and advertising purposes, unless specified by the artist. Artists retain copyright of their work.
  9. At the close of the competition, all digital images and information will be held in the digital archives collection of Hokitika Museum. Artists will be consulted if these images are required for future use.
  10. All images or artwork will remain on the website until the opening of next year’s awards. Any work sold during this period may be given a SOLD status on the web entry.
  11. Entrants who wish to be considered for special awards must meet eligibility criteria.


  1. Up to 25 entries will be shortlisted for judging. Each of these finalists will receive $250 towards the cost of production and freight.
  2. All entries should be of a size easily handled by two people – if your work is large or heavy, please contact the organisers.
  3. Shortlisted artworks are to be packaged and sent to Hokitika to be professionally photographed. Packaging must be sturdy and clearly labelled.
  4. Artworks may be delivered to a prearranged collection point in Buller, Grey, and Westland.
  5. Artworks will be photographed by a professional photographer with the organisers acting in a curatorial role. Written instructions may be submitted regarding the presentation of your artwork.
  6. Unframed works are preferred. 
  7. Attach a label to the back of your artwork with the address you would like your artwork returned to.
  8. Artists are responsible for insurance of their artworks. All care will be taken to ensure the safety of the artworks, but the organisers will not be held liable for any damages.
  9. Artworks will be returned by 31 December 2020.