Artist: Emma Richardson
Dimensions:1200 x 1200 mm
Medium: Acrylic on board

Artist Profile

I am an occasionally emerging artist based at Kumara, where I work from my shipping container. Quite enjoy painting. Lots of ideas and colours. My inspiration is this West Coast habitat of ours: global issues; local flavours.

Artist Statement

I intended to paint three would-be-locals and a dog, with a backdrop loosely based on reality. Acrylic seemed to lend itself well to this purpose, being nice and bold and bright.

How I was affected

COVID, the environment, technology, social change – so many things coming together at once. I have found myself thinking about the strength of small communities during this time, and the value in staying connected. As problems get bigger, our world has got smaller. The painting I have chosen to enter reflects some of these changes.

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