Artist: Robyn Jacobs
Dimensions:223mm x 333mm
Medium: Assemblage art

Artist Profile

I discovered the world of Assemblage art about 15 years ago. I have a Canadian art tutor who hosts an annual art tour in Oaxaca - Mexico. I have had the pleasure of attending this 4 times in the past 10 years. We are a group of like minded artist, who create assemblages usually based on Mexican Folklore, Myths and Legends, under the tutorledge of Michael deMeng. Assemblage art is a form of 3-dimensional art, which is made by assembling a collection of found objects, scavanged by the artist, or bought specially. Sometimes these objects will be deconstructed, then assembled to create a new artwork... a form of rebirth, with new life and meaning.

Artist Statement

This artwork is a combination of Assemblage and Collage. I have added small architectural elements, to help create this piece. The image is taken from a photo, of a canal scene in Venice. The turned wood is from an old staircase in Canterbury. The metal finials are from an old piece of outdoor furniture. The old watch face, letterpress letters and other bits, I have found in my travels over the years.

How I was affected

Due to Covid-19, the annual Christchurch Art Show that I usually enter in, was transferred to an online event this year. I chose not to enter because all my assemblage artworks have a 'big' story ... i.e. the proveneance of the objects used in the creation of the art works, could not be told successfully. During lockdown I started painting again, and completed several large paintings. I also kept an art journal which I completed some daily art practise, plus recorded a daily account of my life in solitary lockdown.

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