Theatre Country 5; Overture

Artist: evelyn hewlett
Dimensions:1300mm x 1000mm
Medium: Oil on canvas

Artist Profile

Art/ visual language is my entertainment and my commitment. The power and vitality of Te Tai o Poutini and the particularity of Punakaiki, motivate me to make work; drawing painting or 3D. Why was I so lucky to be born here? Fail, float or fly, the apple falls close to the tree.

Artist Statement

Cyclone Fehi was unforgettable. A month later I photographed a nikau grove at Punakaiki that had been flooded by Fehi salt water. The unthinkable had happened; mature palms were bent horizontal, twisted and dying.
One of these nikau is included in this oil painting as I continue to work with the theme of ‘Theatre Country’; nature and culture, environment and artifice, inviting pathetic fallacy onto the canvas. Any excuse to indulge in the thrilling struggle to cobble together a composition with the poke and hope of managing colour, form and space.

How I was affected

Covid 19 arrived as I was leaving teaching. Being at home at last was heaven on a stick for me, very grounding of course, and sobering as world events unfolded. Life seems to have become more simple, quiet and contemplative in this small corner.

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