The Wise & Weary Whitebaiter

Artist: Kirsty Wilson
Dimensions:500 x 400mm
Medium: Photography

Artist Profile

I am an amateur photographer, with a rich West Coast family history. For the past couple of years I have completely immersed myself into the world of photography, and trying to learn as much as I possibly can. I am captivated by monochrome images - the rich detail draws me in, and holds my attention.

Artist Statement

My father in-law is an avid white-baiter, however this year has been more challenging than ever before. I wanted to capture a moment where he was exhausted; had been fishing for hours with little reward. I think this image provides an insight into the daily challenge of putting the ‘hard yards’ in, and in return, receiving very little for your efforts.

How I was affected

COVID-19 had more impact on me than I intitially realised. It allowed my family and I to take a step back and appreciate the things that we took for granted. It gave me time to focus on photography and practise a whole lot more. It gave me time with my boys that wasnt 'rushed' and walk more tracks; stop and look closer and enjoy the scenery. COVID-19 hasnt inspired me - but it has certainly allowed me to grow as a photographer.

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