The whisper of hooves

Artist: Maria Martin-Smith
Dimensions:34mm x 1010mm
Medium: Horsehair, Crochet cotton, stainless steel and silk

Artist Profile

I started weaving in 2018. I had undergone major medical challenges since 2016 and was looking for ways to help me recover both physically and emotionally. Although I have a degree in fine arts and a printmaking studio, printmaking for me is a somewhat emotionally dark process, and I felt I needed something that would help me find the joy in life again. As a weaver, I am self-taught as far as not having had a tutor with me physically; however I consider research my teacher, as it has enabled me to learn from some of the greatest weavers in history.

Artist Statement

The nature of horses makes for fascinating study – immensely strong and powerful, yet soft as a whisper….

How I was affected

Covid didn't impact me directly at all

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