Artist: Penny Kirk
Medium: Mixed Media

Artist Profile

I picked up some pencils and a visual diary 18 months ago and I am now studying creativity by distance learning at The Learning Connexion. I am inspired by feelings, textures and things that are unpredictable.

Artist Statement

What lies in the shadows of us and how do the shadows we hide from come into our life anyway.

I started this Shadows Project through a photograph that I took of our shadows. I used many different media throughout the project and it was the fact that I needed the shadows to stand out and be on top that I ended up using polyfilla over indian ink and black crayon on the top.

How I was affected

The impact of Covid-19 made me think more deeply about my art and I applied for a scholarship through The Learning Connexion. To my absolute surprise, I received a scholarship and this has taken me, my techniques, my preferences and my abilities into places I never thought possible.

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