The New Mums Club

Artist: Lorna Lay-Flurrie
Dimensions:600 x 400
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Artist Profile

I have been painting and drawing intermittently for many years now and still have so much to learn! I still look at the developments in the materials and can never resist giving it a try. My work varies. T Traditional landscape inn oils or watercolour, portraits of dogs, pointillism using an electric dot pen cartoons, and even scenery for stage productions, I enjoy them all and hope that my work gives pleasure to those who view it.

Artist Statement

On a visit some years ago my daughter was fascinated by Pukeko, which seemed to be a constant feature of the landscape wherever our travels took us.and our tours were reamed Pukeko Hunts. For me, the birds are a constant reminder of that visit.
An enlargement of one of my small cartoons, this painting is a bit of fun which began with wondering what a Pokeka chick’s view of the world would be with all those long legs surrounding it.

How I was affected

Being on the other side of the world from the dire Covid-19 situation, I often feel almost guilty for being lucky enough to live in New Zealand. And worry for the safety of my daughters in Britain and America. Like many others, wonder if I will ever see them in person. More than ever, painting has become my safe place and I spent many hours in painting and drawing, often with work to make people smile or laugh. With brush or pen in my hand I can put worries aside and be more positive.

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