Artist: Sarah Godfrey
Dimensions:500 x 500mm
Medium: Acrylic

Artist Profile

Brought up on a farm in the rural community of Kowhitirangi on the West Coast of the South Island, Sarah Godfrey concentrates on colour, texture and mood through her paintings. Having previously spent time in the interior design industry, today Godfrey loves working outside on the farm which is a constant source of inspiration for her painting practice. Her paintings are often layered to give a sense of translucency to the landscapes and places she depicts.

Artist Statement

I always feel a sense of inspiration and optimism by watching the way the sun rises over the mountains. I like the contrast created by the shadows. They create a little bit of mystery and wonder within the landscape.

How I was affected

I remember walking out to the letterbox on the first day of the lockdown and experiencing the absolute quietness. The constant stream of cars had gone so suddenly. I could stand and enjoy the mountains without interruption. I was so lucky to be here on the West Coast. Over the following months my mountain paintings started to evolve with colour, greens, blues, pinks and reds. Previously I had used a limited colour palette with mostly shades of blue and grey. The lockdown made me use what I had and I had a fresh appreciation for my surroundings.

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