Artist: John mccormack
Dimensions:1028 x 775 mm
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Artist Profile

I paint because I was gifted with an amazing imagination and I have finally chosen not to waste this natural talent ...!its a path righ n front of my nose where iam able to Express myself freely

Artist Statement

This painting certainly portrays the spirits and energy I felt and obsorbed while exploring the OPARARA KARAMEA REGION

How I was affected

Covid has given me more respect for this beautiful country and the abundance of incredible nature. My artwork has gone deeper and represents a true perspective of myself a little less window shopping and straight to the point..time is not to be wasted and this is a pure reflection on the thin thread that humans hang on in the covid world.

Contact the Artist
Facebook: JRMCCORMACKwww.facebook
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