Serpentine Tree

Artist: Rae Hopkinson
Dimensions:610 x 455
Medium: Acrylic

Artist Profile

I love paint. I love colour. I love our natural world. These things inspire me to make art. The natural beauty of the landscape speaks to me, and I need to record it in a simple way that strikes a cord. Using acrylics, and occasionally oils, allows me to explore stylised interpretations of traditional landscapes and to put my own unique stamp them. My studio looks out over the sea, and living on a bush block I draw inspiration daily from the natural world. It is a wonderful environment for creating artworks. I am continually learning through paint. For me art is a form of meditation where my mind is totally immersed in my work. The magic moment when an artwork is completed gives me a sense of achievement. I like to bring joy to my work. I hope the painting gives the viewer a feeling of optimism from the freshness of colour and forms.

Artist Statement

I pass by this rimu most days. It proudly stands alone at the bottom of our hill, dominating the landscape. It has become a welcoming icon of home-coming for me, particularly at this time of pandemic. I love to paint the natural environment, and trees often are a feature, they are very much a part of my world and one day, after passing by this tree, in admiration yet once again, it was time to make an artwork honouring the tree, and showcasing its dominance in the landscape.

How I was affected

The world is experiencing a huge crisis. I feel privileged to not only live in New Zealand, but to be in the position to be able to give pleasure through my artworks, to entrance the viewers for a moment or two and entice them into a piece of world that is full of positivity.

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