Seeping Dreams

Artist: Richard Draine
Dimensions:600 x 600mm
Medium: Oil on camvas.

Artist Profile

I've been painting for most of my life and have exhibited in a number of exhibitions and galleries. We have a backyard with some pretty majestic scenery. I try to bring that into the eyes and arms of the comman people. Being an artist we can manipulate that. I''m 57 now and it seems to be a time that if I dont release what i have will be held accountable. realism in scenery will never leave me and now I'm moving inro art that i believe possibly no one has done before, thats another story.

Artist Statement

The way light can draw up scenes weather it be rivers, lakes, mountains, feilds, trees etc like jewels or treasures that need to be caught before it goes. this is why i painted this.

How I was affected

gave me some time to concentrate on my art.

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