Artist: Mandy Gargiulo
Dimensions:47cm high, 16cm across
Medium: Porcelain

Artist Profile

Working exclusively with porcelain, Mandy Gargiulo draws inspiration from the shapes & textures of her natural surrounds. Flowers, leaves and the sea are all strong influences on her work. Celebrating what she terms the “ beautifully perfect imperfection of nature”, no two pieces of work she creates are identical. Mandy’s pieces all show the signs of the hand that made them and the personality and materiality of porcelain as a medium. Mandy’s pieces encapsulate and enhance the perfect imperfections of the natural world. Supreme award recipient 2018 Ceramics NZ Expressive Ceramics Exhibition & finalist Rick Rudd Emerging Practitioner in Clay 2018, Portage Ceramic awards2019, UKU Hawke’s Bay Art Awards 2020.

Artist Statement

In Ancient Roman mythology. Salacia was the consort of Neptune, the goddess of salt water, presiding over the depths of the ocean.
With a form reminiscent of ancient Roman ceramics, Salacia is an unglazed, wheel thrown porcelain vessel cloaked in hand formed waves, topped with a hollow coronet lid, fit for a marine deity.
Unglazed porcelain provides a crisp, rugged, yet delicate interpretation of a piece inspired by the beauty & fragility of West Coast beaches.

How I was affected

The Covid-19 lock down provided me with time to work with little distraction in my home studio. It also provided inspiration for a new work “Covid” which has proved to be a popular reminder of a unique time in our history.

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