Artist: Lillian Newton
Dimensions:1010 mm wide by 760 mm high
Medium: Oil

Artist Profile

Born on the West Coast North Island Taranaki. I grew up on my family’s Sheep & Beef farm living a very rural wild lifestyle. Two years ago I moved to Hokitika to pursue a new career flying Helicopters in the Southern Alps. I paint in my spare time and when the weather’s unfit for flying. My painting’s are reflected off my lifestyle in the Agriculture & Aviation industry.

Artist Statement

I painted “Roar” during lockdown, it reflects how I remember COVID.
Start of Lockdown took place at the same time as the Roar. An event that stamps the West Coast it brings people from all over NZ and beyond to hunt through our amazing bush for world class wild Red Deer. The Roar was cancelled for the first time.
I remember as I painted I could hear the Stags roaring in the bush behind the house, it’s an airy sound that will make your hair stand up and give you goose bumps.

How I was affected

COVID lockdown was very daunting at first for me. I was scared I might have to leave the West coast where I feel I have already grown roots and fallen in love with this beautiful place. I isolated with my partner on a Station, it gave me plenty of time to paint, bake and break in horses. I really quite enjoyed lock down. I got better at painting as I could really sit down and concentrate on it.

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