Rata’s Embrace

Artist: Adele Stewart
Dimensions:53mm x 20mm
Medium: Sterling silver, natural green sapphires, natural diamond

Artist Profile

As a beekeepers daughter, my childhood memories are full of flowers and insects and adventures to isolated places. I was lucky enough to gain an apprenticeship in gemstone setting straight out of school and promptly set gems for New Zealand’s top jewellers for the following 17 years. This highly specialised focus has given me a keen eye for intricacies. I hope my work inspires you to look closer and be filled with wonder at the sophisticated designs of nature.

Artist Statement

This piece is a representation of the lush dripping forest that brings me such joy in it’s embrace. All the shades of green (sapphires) are a calming influence. The diamond water droplet at the bottom represents a quenching of my thirst for the West Coast. The whole design of a vine is the grip the West Coast has on me.

How I was affected

I am naturally a hermit living in my own little bubble merrily making all manner of things. The pandemic has made me need even more time alone in nature to ponder but it has also inspired me to appreciate friends and family and the comfort and joy they bring. My art hasn’t changed but maybe it is more relevant in these times. As always I hope my work inspires people to slow down and appreciate the small things in life.

Contact the Artist

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/adelestewartmaker
Website: https://adelestewartmaker.co.nz/
This item is for sale: $1,600.00