Artist: Sheryl Brooker
Medium: Acrylic on board

Artist Profile

Sheryl was born in New Zealand and has been working as an artist since 1996. Sheryl is known for her vibrant paintings and quirky wire sculpture art. "The Westcoast has been home since 1995. I find the wild natural energy of the place creatively inspiring. I aim to convey my feeling about a place or situation using colour line,shapes or movement expressively in my paintings." Sheryl has exhibted nationally and internationally. In more recent years she has had 5 solo exhibtions in Italy. Her artwork can be found in Parliament Building's in NZ as well as private collections in NZ and Internationally.

Artist Statement

I was motivated to express the feeling I had of looking outside from an inside perspective and being aware of that seperation

How I was affected

I had planned to travel to Italy in September this year for a few months and like many have had to change my plans due to travel restrictions etc. I have been inspired to paint an Italian series of work based on painting sketches,photos and memories from previous visits.In this way while I am painting at least I am reliving in some way Italian experiences and this helps me to feel I am in someway where I would likely be if not for the Covid scenario.

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