One dot two dots red dots blue dots

Artist: Tracey Pemberton
Dimensions:260 mm x 260 mm
Medium: acrylic paint

Artist Profile

Kia ora. I never call myself an artist, I feel I am more of a creator. For me its about the journey, being in the moment, feeling centered and connected. For this reason I love to paint mandalas and are inspired by fractals and the sacred geometry that occurs in nature. The entry I have submitted is depicting the fun side of me, inspired by my love of Dr Seuss

Artist Statement

Created in lock down.While thinking about pandemics and time. Inspiring me to think about what time would look like through the eyes of a child, or a pandemic in a Dr Seuss world.

How I was affected

I just felt more blessed, which in turn did inspire more creativity. I also appreciated having more time to paint and to admire other peoples creative experiences online. I did enjoy becoming resourceful and working with the materials that I had available.

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