Artist: Tobias Gilsenan
Medium: Acrylic and Enamel on Plywood

Artist Profile

Tobias Gilsenan is a mixed media artist based in Rangiora. Thematically he looks at the enduring frustrations of humankind as expressed through politics, ecological issues, conspiracy theories, myth and modern communication. These ideas are often juxtaposed to make a new visual language. A printmaker who paints, his work straddles the fields of drawing, painting and carving. He often uses recycled building materials to underpin the themes of his work.

Artist Statement

This is about the Earthquakes, the HAARP Conspiracy causing man made earthquakes. This represents a mythological figure stamping the ground. Being amongst the Chch earthquakes made me think about this. I don’t believe it’s man made, it just makes for interesting stories.

How I was affected

I like looking at the rabbit holes of miss information in our minds. Caused by the Covid situation. In reality it has made us Artists sit down and think more during Lockdown.

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