Okarito Lagoon

Artist: Connie Azevedo
Medium: Watercolour on paper

Artist Profile

I am a self-taught artist, mainly painting watercolour landscapes. I have always loved painting, but it was just an occasional hobby and I stopped altogether while I travelled and lived overseas. This year I took it up again to help deal with stress and I re-discovered just how fulfilling and satisfying it is, and I am hoping to continue developing as an emerging artist. I am inspired by the beautiful places I have seen, places that hold lots of wonderful memories. Most often I will paint from photographs I have taken, depicting them as soft landscapes that I want to portray a sense of peace and calm.

Artist Statement

I have many great memories from holidays spent in Okarito as a kid, and the little building on the lagoon is quite iconic, it was one of the first places I was inspired to start capturing when I got a camera as a teenager. So, I wanted to use that same inspiration to paint it and reminisce on the memories and fun times I had.

How I was affected

Covid impacted by art in a mostly positive way, in that painting has helped me have a relaxing activity to bring more peace and calm into my life. Before this year I hadn’t picked up a paintbrush in probably eight years. So, it has been a year of self-discovery and has afforded me the opportunity to really take my art seriously, as well as giving me the confidence to share it and put it out into the world as well.

Contact the Artist

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/connieazevedoart
Website: https://www.connieazevedo.com
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