Ochre project

Artist: Vicki Smith
Dimensions:2x A4 images with an installed structure describing the material
Medium: Socially engaged art practice - workshop Ochre paints, wax builders crayons (white and black), pencil, black ink, old navigation chart and architectural drawing film

Artist Profile

Vicki Smith is from Harihari, a valley filled with watery ‘arteries and capillaries’ connecting the southern alps with the coast. Formative years instilled intense curiosity for nature, both creative and scientific. Vicki has worked in the forest service, spent more than a year at sea on fishing boats as a scientific observer, she has worked in research, media, community and education. Her time at Canterbury University began in Sciences and transitioned through Social Sciences and Arts. Over the last few years project work through local and government funding opportunities has been around connecting community with their environment, particularly water. Vicki employs multiple media in collaborative public and participatory art inviting audiences into these narratives about the environment. Her art practice seeks to create ways for participants to explore and imagine more sustainable futures.

Artist Statement

Artist Vicki Smith worked with Biochemical Scientist Marlese Fairgray to create a pigment paint from material found at historic mine sites, referencing the whakatauki ‘Ka mua, ka muri’ (look to the past to inform the future) a participatory event was created to imaginatively explore our shared past and speculatively map out a future.
This photograph shows the mineral to material and the work by artist Vicki Smith – inhale

How I was affected

I work in socially engaged practice under contract to local government. The lock down period meant all the project planning I had done was dropped due to restrictions around public events. Having the support meant being able to concentrate on the practice of getting through the day without the added stress of how long the last contract payment might last, for which I am very grateful

Contact the Artist

Website: http://digitalsmith.nz
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