Nardee’s Wave Escape

Artist: Tracey Pascoe
Dimensions:40" x 40"
Medium: Acrylic

Artist Profile

I have been able to draw for as long as I can remember. I have fond memories of sitting at my Grandmother’s table with colouring books, pens and paper. Spending hours doodling and colouring in. I call myself a Self-taught artist. Even though art was my favorite subject at school and passed school Cert Art and later studies and completed a Certificate in Visual arts… I see myself as a multidisciplinary artist. Meaning I can work in almost any medium. Drawing or Painting with whatever takes my fancy at the time. I describe my style as contemporary/ Realist. though I am open to explore my capabilities and just enjoy the creative process. Some of the topics I am drawn to ( But Not limited to) are Animals, Transportation, Farming scenes, Landscapes. I have sold work to private collectors nationally and Internationally having Exhibited my art in some small shows in both NZ and Australia

Artist Statement

This was one of the best artworks to come out of my lockdown covid time!! it has a wee story.. here goes… first of all a bit of background. Wendy Maxwell is a local, talented photographer in Hoki. She does amazing animal photography and own two (now 3) amazing Dalmations. She came over to stay one day and we walked past a shop with a framed image. She said wow I really like that But it doesn’t have spots in it. I replies saying yeah your right.. She looks at me and said You could do something like that but better and with my girls. I said sure just gotta buy that size canvas. Off we went to nearest art shop. bought the canvas. The challenge was on! the canvas sat there in my studio ( Spare room) for a while. Lockdown happened. Hardest part was of course going through her awesome photos to select the right images to work from.. Very happy with the results!!

How I was affected

As a working artist it was a chance to slow down and really focus on what I love doing. That is creating art!

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