My friend the Kotuku

Artist: Cyril Hector
Dimensions:60cm x 60cm
Medium: Oil on canvas

Artist Profile

As an expressionist artist I use colour and composition to create paintings that exist as a statement, rather than a direct copy of the subject. I choose from a wide range of subject matter but my aim is always to creat a unified painting which is in touch with my own spirituality making sense of my existence. Each painting is a creative journey for me with twists and turns until I reach the finished work.

Artist Statement

As I was playing my tenor saxophone on the Hokitika waterfront a Kotuku flew over to me an approached me near enough to touch. It hung around while I was playing and tried to follow me when I left .An amazing experience for me but I imagine my sax was what drew it over. Oil is always my prefered paint as it allows me to be more creative in my particular style.

How I was affected

The only real impact of the covid lockdown was to allow me more time to paint...always a bonus

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