Artist: Rob Pieper
Medium: Photographic print

Artist Profile

I enjoy being outside with a light photographic kit, small enough to carry under my shirt. Walking or riding my bike or sometimes driving, a shape or pattern and the light that plays on it will stop me in my tracks. There are few people in my images. Nature does not depend on our presence. Outlines and textures change imperceptibly by the elements and processes. Deep inside my genes I recognise these shapes and processes and call them beauty. I hope you do too!

Artist Statement

It was love at first sight for me and Lake Manapouri. The enduring glacial shapes and the ever changing spectacular light and moods are fascinating. Early mornings and storms are the best! I take my little camera with me on the boat, and am known to spend the entire time on the deck, feasting on the ever changing views as the journey and the day progress.

How I was affected

The pandemic has served to deepen my appreciation for the environment and the resilience of nature. It's been good for our world to slow down. You might say that the pandemic is our comeuppance and a correction due. But let's not go there, because as a country, we haven't gone there. And for our country, that's probably a good thing too. As an artist, it has limited my range, but there's always beauty in the small things.Let's not go back to normal!

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This item is for sale: $200 for a printed A3 size, other sizes to be discussed. Framing optional