Artist: Rachel McMillan
Dimensions:1.2 m long x 45 cm wide when hung
Medium: Textile

Artist Profile

I am a West Coast based emerging artist. My series of original art works are an exploration and execution of colour and texture and the peaceful meditative quality of wrapped thread. The tactility of this work is crucial to each undertaking, evident in the various fibrous parings, the particular figure of timber and in the meticulously stacked ridges of thread.

Artist Statement

My art is an exploration of colour as seen in nature reduced to the essence and simplest form. I am inspired by my surroundings and have a passion for textiles, simplicity and modernity, applied to a simple object.

How I was affected

A time of change, contemplation and of creation. Returning to the Coast after many years away. I'm enjoying being so close to nature and the beauty and colour that surrounds me. Plus meeting so many great Coasters!

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