Milwaukee Memory

Artist: Cassandra Cotton
Dimensions:760 x 380
Medium: Acrylic paint on canvas

Artist Profile

From a young age I enjoyed art and being creative however I didn’t get seriously into painting until I was 16. I make art because I enjoy it and I find it relaxing. The sense of achievement when it’s all finished is very satisfying. I’m inspired by anything and everything.

Artist Statement

As requested by my Aunt, I painted this image of my Uncles Harley Davidson motorcycle as a gift.

How I was affected

Just like a lot of people, for me it has been quite scary and uncertain. Art was something I could focus on throughout the lockdown period and provided me with a constant outlet. Due to the restrictions and limited available supplies, I was forced to use some things I had laying around that I had not tired before. This lead me to create some unique pieces I might not have explored otherwise.

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