Artist: Sirita Rautenbach
Medium: Mixed media - Acrylic, clay and modelling paste

Artist Profile

I live on a dairy farm in Hokitika. I have had the opportunity to focus on my painting over the last three years and it brings me great pleasure. I usually work at home. I enjoy using acrylic paints, modelling paste and clay to get 3D effect. I also work with pencil and pastel. I have done art workshops in Edgecombe, but I’ve learnt most of my skills over the last few years as part of a local art group. I have entered the Local A&P show where I had two entries in the art category and was placed 2nd for mixed media and 3rd for a portrait study.

Artist Statement

I live on a dairy farm and really enjoy observing animals on the farm and in nature. I see their personalities coming through.

I like to use their comical facial expressions to bring life into my paintings. By using clay, modelling paste, acrylic paints and any other objects I get a 3D effect. The viewer can look at the image from different angles and connect with it.

I respond to this serious world by finding humour in everyday things. Then I bring this humour to my paintings. I gather ideas from cartoon expressions and images with the vibrant colours found in Pop Art, Art Deco and Cubism.

How I was affected

I appreciate my family , my health and our freedom much more. As an artist I try to use each day to its fullest to create.

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