Liquid sunshine

Artist: Susi Luecht
Dimensions:505 mm x 300 mm
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Artist Profile

I have always loved colours, patterns and natural shapes. I completed a diploma of Art and Creativity with the Learning Connexion in 2011. In the last three years I had lost touch with art and have recently started to paint and draw again. I have become a member of Art for Me through REAP a few months ago and enjoy the company of other creative people and our tutor Kate's feedback and advice.

Artist Statement

I like acrylic paints, because they can be applied in many layers of different intensity and can be very luminous. The colours speak to me.
This painting was not planned. I just let the paintbrush roam without thinking. I got drawn into the process and lost track of time. Painting this picture had a very soothing effect on me and made me happy.

How I was affected

Covid-19 has made me very aware of how precious and fragile life is. It made me appreciate all the good things in my life even more. I have always loved the natural world and being in a forest or on the beach makes me feel content and whole. I feel very drawn to happy, luminous colours and flowing shapes. They have a relaxing effect on me in times of stress.

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