Lake Kaniere

Artist: Renee Cadigan
Dimensions:229 x 305mm
Medium: Pencil and watercolour

Artist Profile

I am a freelance self taught artist, creating fulltime for the past 2 years. My strengths are working mostly with watercolours but i am forever practicing and evolving. I am inspire by my surroundings and life experiences. Art is limitless and has been a great way to express and has been beneficial for my mental health. I enjoy creating more whimsical pieces rather than reality.

Artist Statement

Inspired by my home and where i spend most of my time reflecting

How I was affected

During covid, being able to create has been an outlet of uncertainty and a way to escape from that. Covid19 was actually helpful to me, as i was able to commit more time to creating and was able to finish a very big job that i had booked illustrating a childrens book with a local author.

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