Lake Kaniere Westland

Artist: Sylvia Ross
Dimensions:400mm x300
Medium: Oil

Artist Profile

I enjoyed art at school but did not practice any art again until family had become more independant and I joined the Hokitika Art Group. We had numerous weekend tutorials on different mediums, and over the years I have enjoyed working mainly with oil , acrylic and pastel.. Main subjects being land scape and portrait.

Artist Statement

I enjoy doing landscape in oils and am inspired to try and catch the beauty of Lake Kaniere having spent many weekends and holidays out there with the family.
This picture depicts how I like to see it best with the snow still on the far peaks, the water sparkling inviting one to go swimming ,and the sun shining .

How I was affected

Covid-19 has not affected my art greatly. I thought with the lockdown I would find the time to do more art, instead I found it hard to get motivated and read a good deal instead.

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