Korowai Rain Song

Artist: Yvonne Hammond
Dimensions:56 x 53cm
Medium: Jute, Acrylic Wool, NZ Flax/Harakeke

Artist Profile

Yvonne Hammond is a Flax Weaver 'Kairaranga' , a Fibre Artist and an Exhibitor & WOW Finalist. Having woven with NZ flax/harakeke for more than 30 years, Yvonne has acquired an indepth knowledge of the tikanga, the passing of knowledge and of maori protocols. She enjoys creating both traditional and contemporary artworks. "Inspiration comes easily when working with the earth's resources; weaving with flax, exploring a nature theme, printing with botanica… These relationships have built a curiosity to environmental & social and therefore political issues including climate change, species diversity and depletion. People's feelings and identity are vital. I believe we are in potent times and creating artworks gives me depth to current issues."

Artist Statement

Korowai Rain Song represents the watering of the earth in the spring. The cleansing of the past on all levels. And thus New Beginnings.

My intention is to take korowai making into the art arena whilst uplifting these traditional skills.
I chose both natural and manmade materials. The flax fibre and the earthy jute are raw and rough fibres. The acrylic yarn is bright and colourful. The earthiness is the structure & the ground. The gloss and colour represent the image and the light.
The green of the harakeke and the dyed jute gives a foundation of earth; natures presence. The blues speak of mist, rain, rivers and ocean. The orange is me and/ or us; dancing along the lines and between them! Also it is the light and warmth of the promise of good things to come!

How I was affected

For me Covid19 lockdown was a special time of introspection and relief from the "madness of life". A time to settle into a new beginning on the raw west coast. Also a time to heal. The limiting of human's consumption and mobility meant we lived gentler on the earth. The experience of cleansing the environment was a definite positive. Personally I feel that I am connected and focused on issues with a greater clarity than pre Covid19. The lockdown has provided an opportunity to seek depth and meaningfulness in everyday things. The removal of temptation and clutter led to a simplistic process and point of view My perspective has adjusted to Small is Beautiful.

Contact the Artist

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yvonne.hammond.artist/
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