Artist: Madeleine Thom
Dimensions:400mm diameter
Medium: Oil paint on a wooden panel

Artist Profile

Madeleine Thom is a young emerging artist with a passion for creating contemporary oil paintings of figures and landscapes. Madeleine paints to reflect the beauty of nature and to capture the hidden beauty in the world around us. Her work is influenced by her passion for conservation and her love for exploring the backcountry of New Zealand. Her work is strongly inspired by our native birds and local West Coast landscapes.

Artist Statement

This piece was created as a gift for a loved one. It was inspired by the multitude of colours that hide within the feathers of a Kereru. I worked primarily with oil paints because I love the way that they blend and melt into each other in order to create a realistic image.

How I was affected

The COVID-19 pandemic prevented me from working and gave me an opportunity to focus solely on my art. It pushed me to showcase my work and allowed me to sell a piece for the very first time during lockdown. Ever since, I've been working hard to broaden my skills and continue selling high-quality artworks.

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