Artist: Laura Sonneveldt
Medium: Mixed media on board

Artist Profile

I am Laura, a west coast artist residing in Karamea. Originally a musician, painting is a great way to express myself through playing with light rather than sound. I like to go with the flow of creating, exploring the endless possibilities of my imagination. Loving the journey, hope you enjoy my art.

Artist Statement

I use board because it’s great to work on and I can cut it to any shape or size I like. My intention with this artwork was to make something colourful, but not too bright. To create layers of colour and light and dark contrast. I’m inspired by anything space.

How I was affected

Covid has impacted my work as a musician greatly, I've lost a lot of potential income this year due to lockdown restrictions. Wasn't eligible for financial help, so all in all I can say the covid scam has negatively impacted all aspects of life. During lockdown I kept painting to stay sane and I'm having a pretty productive year because of it. There's always a silver lining in any situation. For me it was painting!

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