Artist: Holly Schroder
Dimensions:1500mm x 1000mm
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Artist Profile

My practice consists mainly of painting, sculpture and light installation. The painting works are often based around taking scenes and subjects from many different environments and merging them through movement patterns. Often movements catch my eye and turn into inspiration for multiple works. I like how there can be multiple stories playing out simultaneously in one work, and how each subject can be connected and interacting with the subject next to it. I want the experience of my work to be an unravelling process, you learn more and more over time as your perspective shifts. I’ve been involved in a number of groups, solo exhibitions, and public installation works in Auckland and around New Zealand. I have a Bachelor of Visual Art from AUT and a Graduate Diploma in Creative Technology from the Media Design School. I grew up in Hokitika, on the West Coast of the South Island and now live and practice full time in Auckland.

Artist Statement

Pareidolia is when the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists. For example, visual representations may appear when looking at clouds or rock formations. Pareidolia occurs when the brain is bombarded with a stimulus; causing it to continue to perceive that stimulus even when it is not present. Therefore, the act of learning something too well will interfere with one’s perception of reality.

How I was affected

2020 was my first year working full-time as a Visual Artist, so financially it had an impact. But in terms of my production and practice, I found myself really focused and producing a lot of painting work. I moved back to Hokitika for the 8-week lockdown in March/April and turned my parent’s lounge into a studio. I found it a great time to reflect and really think about the direction my practice was heading in. Being free from the busy noise of Auckland was really therapeutic and detoxing. I think my practice has shifted massively since having that time to reflect.

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