Artist: Anna Johnson
Dimensions:279mm by 356mm
Medium: Colour Pencil

Artist Profile

Hello all! My name is Anna, and I am an artist based in Hokitika on the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island. I have a passion for native and endemic New Zealand wildlife and a general love for animals which comes through in my work. I typically create to share what I see in the beauty of our natural world or in a world of my own invention.

Artist Statement

I tried to achieve a different take on our Nation’s beloved thicc boi, our 2018 bird of the year, the kererū. This drawing was completed in colour pencil on toned mixed media paper with the real thing for inspiration. He might be looking slightly more athletic than you would normally see from a kererū out in the bush, but he’s probably still a bit pissed.

How I was affected

To be honest the impact hasn't been negative in respect to my work. Lock down lead to a lot of new creativity!

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