Artist: donald buglass
Medium: Ex-earthquake Lyttelton red stone from Christs College and wall plug from Old Govt Building, Chch.

Artist Profile

I have been working consistently as a multi-disciplinary artist in Europe, Asia and New Zealand for about 2 decades. I graduated as a painter from the National Art School of Australia in 1991 but now specialise in sculpture in multiple media/formats. In recent years I've been focusing more on site-specific land/nature art, intervention and installation.

Artist Statement

Icon II delves into, once again an old recurring theme for me, the vessel. Vaguely the shape of the prow of a boat (the life boat) I investigate the narrate of salvation and/or salvation lost. The materials and their histories’ and fact they are being repurposed is also of importance to the concept, as is an obvious reference to religion. Religion’s role in the salvation of man or society here being positive or negative is an open question, though.

How I was affected

C-19 has meant I could go to Europe to make art this winter as I normally would. Its been a grounding experience, excuse the pun, but apart from my 1st winter in NZ for 8yrs I've had plenty of time to think and experiment with new materials and concepts.

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