Hokitika Gorge: Reflections

Artist: Lyndel Diedrichs
Dimensions:760mm x 760mm
Medium: Mixed-media

Artist Profile

Lyndel was born in Auckland to a family with a background of artistic creativity. She pursued a career in drafting and fashion design until moving to the West Coast of the South Island to marry a fourth generation beef farmer in Kokatahi. Traditionally a painter of still-life, she found herself surrounded by riverbeds and snow-capped mountains at the foothills of the Southern Alps. Beautiful colours stimulated by the ever-changing light captured Lyndel’s imagination. She attended Winter School in Invercargill, tutored by Paul van den Bergh, a Dutch born artist with a style ‘complimentary of the likes of Picasso and Matisse’. She also attended Summer School at Inverlocky Art School in Wellington, and then later attended private art classes in Auckland, tutored by Gaston De Vel, a Belgium born and trained impressionist. Lyndel has exhibited her work in Hokitika and sold internationally via local outlets and through Canterbury Art Society and several Auckland galleries.

Artist Statement

Depth of colour and shifting light patterns create an energy which is reflected thru use of mixed-media.

How I was affected

COVID-19 has helped Lyndel to appreciate the precious beauty and fragility of our local environment. As an artist, it has been a time to pause and reflect on ‘what was’, ‘how change happened’ and ‘what the future might look like’. Pondering on such reflections has motivated Lyndel to capture and preserve 'special moments' with her own impressionist style.

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