He Waiata Tangi nō Hinepūkohurangi (The Mist Maiden’s Lament)

Artist: Sarah Harvey
Dimensions:base: 350mm x 110mm; stone sculpture: 170mm x 100mm; total height: 220mm
Medium: South Westland nephrite, Rimu

Artist Profile

Originally from the UK, I came to Aotearoa in 2003 & never left. I have lived on the beautiful wild west coast for 13 years, & it has been a journey of heartfelt soulful living where I have explored my creativity in various forms. I started carving stone in 2018 & it feels like home. My aim in life is to add more beauty to the world I love creating abstract curvaceous flowing forms, & work in a more sculptural way with my jewellery designs too. I am inspired by architecture - in nature & human design, & the connections between. My braiding is an integral part of my designs, adding texture & dimension

Artist Statement

Inspired by the story of Hinepūkohurangi & Uenuku. The 3 stone pieces are the wisps of mist rising, forming the figure of Hinepūkohurangi atop the hut, head thrown back singing as she sings her sorrow at Uenuku’s betrayal. The wooden arch is shaped to represent Uenuku in his rainbow form. The colour variation in the stone gives these figures more expression, & aspects of the watery mists too, contrasting with the solidity of the wood representing the earth that she leaves behind

How I was affected

I think like everyone I am hoping for positive change to come from this pandemic, & a realisation of the unsustainability of the consumerist/ capitalist ways we have been living. I have benefited as an artist from the push to buy local & NZ made, & in particular the Chooice fb page that sprang up during lockdown from which I received a hugely positive response

Contact the Artist

Facebook: https://www.instagram.com/harventinedesign/
Website: www.harventinedesign.nz
This item is for sale: $3500