Harakeke Nui

Artist: Allan Batt
Medium: Oil on CANVAS

Artist Profile

Allan was raised on the West Coast of the South Island. He is an entirely self-taught artist painting large scale paintings on canvas using oil paints, applied in a meticulous fashion, layering thin glazes of colour to achieve a photo realistic effect. Many of the plants subjects of his paintings are common to New Zealanders, but often overlooked as insignificant. Until these plants are magnified many times and painted, their true beauty becomes obvious. Allan has a love of New Zealand’s natural environment, this has inspired recent new work from architectural flora in all it’s diversity and colour, to close up detail of rugged coastlines. He tries to capture a sense of tranquility and beauty in many of his paintings. In essence “natural unspoiled New Zealand”. Allan has held may successful exhibitions throughout New Zealand and his paintings are sort after nationally and internationally.

Artist Statement

I have always been motivated by the natural environment and representing it to my best ability. In my case using oil paints to represent my subjects gives a depth of colour and realism that is hard to replicate using any other medium.

How I was affected

The onset of COVID 19 has impacted my art practice and the way my work is marketed and sold. With the borders closed to international tourists, it has meant a bigger focus on the domestic market. COVID 19 has changed the New Zealand economic climate for many years to come I think that through art we can prevail.

Contact the Artist

Facebook: www.http//facebook.com/allanbattartist
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