Guardian: Poutini

Artist: Susanna Lyle
Dimensions:800 x 600 mm
Medium: Mixed media

Artist Profile

I have painted for many years, on and off, and have explored many media. Thus, I really enjoy exploring mixed media on my paintings. I admire realist paintings, but am compelled to express myself through abstract art. I usually start with random marks and then allow these to evolve and develop. Because my life-long inspiration and great love is Nature, I find that 'life forms' often naturally reveal themselves in my work.

Artist Statement

This painting evolved using colours, shapes, and textures that represent the coast of Te Tai o Poutini. It uses acrylic paint, but also pencil, inks, mesh and other media. Patterns express the complexity of the whole.
Its abstract form, to me, represents a form of Poutini, our guardian: protecting us, giving us strength, linking sea with land, representing all life that we share Earth with. Poutini is a conduit between our storms and fine weather, linking us to what is real.

How I was affected

I had recently moved into a bach and had dumped after a 30-year marriage: then lock-down happened. My world crashed. But I learnt a lot. With the help of good neighbours (distanced) and the wonderful environment I live in, I survived. Expressing myself through painting and drawing was a life saver, literally.

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