Artist: Pete Keane
Dimensions:650 x 490
Medium: Acrylic ink/paint on Yupo Rapid Dry Polymer.

Artist Profile

A product of The Learning Connexion I became an artist after careers in the Police, Journalism and Farming. I consider myself an innovator regarding the ways I produce my art. Although I paint on canvas as well as producing woodcut and etching prints recently I have developed a unique process to make my art using Yupo a Japanese polymer used in the advertising, manufacturing and printing industries. I use found objects and items like cake decorating tools, old debit cards, rags and my fingers to make my images.

Artist Statement

‘Gone Viral’ is a product of my imagination. I remembered images I had seen of plaque masks and the sort of chaos that the Black Death created. When we first learnt of the potential this virus had to dramatically and drastically affect of lives and lfestyle I am sure many other entertained the same ‘What If’ thoughts I had. This work is deliberately dark and thought provoking.

The image was produced in a tight timeframe of about 10 minutes, the time it takes for the paint to dry on the polymer. ‘Going Viral’ was totally spontaneous and the image that was created appeared with little conscious thought.

How I was affected

COVID-19 and subsequent Lockdown gave me the opportunity to re assess my journey in art. I began to think differently about how to make my art and created a unique process. Lockdown effectively put the handbreak on lifestyle and as a result I allowed by creativity to take new pathways. Initially the threat of COVID-19 made me think of what society would look like if the virus pandemic followed a worse case scenario.

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