Geologists Creek 1989

Artist: Ruth Mitchener
Dimensions:160 x 200mm canvas size, actual painting within canvas is 40 x 80mm
Medium: oil on canvas

Artist Profile

I initially studied Fine Arts at Whitecliffe in place of my final year at high school, but then moved on to studying Industrial Design. Having worked as a Designer, and had a family, I'm only now getting back into painting while the kids are at kindergarten. I started back painting again after 19 years as I felt that we didn't have enough (or any) pictures of family on our walls, so I painted some, and it has snowballed from there. I am inspired by the Impressionists, and that representation of the natural world through colour and light.

Artist Statement

This piece is called Geologists Creek 1989, as it is painted from a photograph my late father took of me and my sisters playing in the creek 31 years ago. The painting is of just a small portion of the background of the image, and is painted very very small on the canvas, almost like you are viewing the image through a window, that you need to squint through to view; Like a far distant memory of a magical moment in your childhood. And being of such a small size, the brushstrokes of oil paint are clearly visible, making up the whole picture from a few juicy wet pixels.

How I was affected

Perhaps the biggest take-away from our own personal experience of the Covid-19 pandemic, and its resulting lockdowns here in NZ, was the nostalgic feeling of time stretching out over long childhood summer days. Time stretched and expanded, or the sense of it did, and I wanted to try and capture that sense of time expansion and learning to slow down again and reconnect with nature, through my paintings.

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