From the sea

Artist: Susanna Lyle
Dimensions:600 x 800
Medium: Mixed media

Artist Profile

I have painted for many years, on and off, and have explored many media. Thus, I really enjoy exploring mixed media on my paintings. I admire realist paintings, but am compelled to express myself through abstract art. I usually start with random marks and then allow these to evolve and develop. Because my life-long inspiration and great love is Nature, I find that 'life forms' often naturally reveal themselves in my work.

Artist Statement

This painting was developed with thoughts about the wonder of looking at sea creatures within their natural under-water environment: their transparency, delicacy, complexity and often bizarre beauty. It was formed using deep-ocean colours, patterns and textures. It was painted using acrylic paint, inks, mesh and other media on board.
To me, living right by the sea, it is a reminder of the importance of caring for the ocean and all that lives within it. It seems endless and huge, but can be so easily damaged. Because we seldom see what is beneath the waves, it can be easy to discount its richness and diversity.

How I was affected

I had just moved into a bach and had been suddenly dumped after a 30-year marriage: then lock-down happened. My world crashed. But I learnt a lot. With the help of good neighbours (distanced) and the wonderful environment I live in, I survived. Expressing myself through painting and drawing was a life saver, literally.

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