Freedoms Majsety

Artist: Michelle Evans
Dimensions:610mm x 915mm
Medium: Oil Painting

Artist Profile

My name is Michelle Evans, live up at Aickens, between the Taramakau and Otira river vallies.My Art carrier really got started in 2008 at Art in the Park Greymouth were I displayed my new collection of pointilist work based on our native birds this was successful and took me onto further shows like Nelson Art Expo and The New Zealand Art Show in Wellington, I had good feed back and sales at these events and with lots of encouragement I opened my own Art Gallery, Birds on a Perch on the main highway to the West Coast. This has given me my own space to display and paint more works based on our native flora and fauna, now days I am enjoying the use of Oils on Canvas and Water colour Painting. I hope you enjoy my Art works.

Artist Statement

Freedoms Majesty
Painted during the Covid Lockdown, this painting featuring the Southern Royal Albatross is a painting I have been wanting to do for a while now. To present the Albatross at its best gliding over the swellls and brakes was not easy so. I dropped in a darker back ground with a hint of warming light from the new dawn. This set the scene, the rolling waves crashing over rocks adding more movement, and then the Albatross effortlessly gliding through the scene giving a scents of freedom and majesty in a powerful sometimes hostile place.

How I was affected

For me personally Covid-19 has brought more New Zealanders out to visit our Beautiful West Coast and this has led to positive interest in my work. The initial lock down provided me with a brake to work uninterrupted in my Studio which in turn produced my painting of The Southern Royal Albatross, soaring above the swells and braking waves of the Southern Ocean .The Early morning light reflecting on to the bird welcoming a new day a renewed freedom.

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