‘Fekau ‘e Hongofulu, ngaahi’

Artist: Salu Kathleen Acklin
Dimensions:twelve hundred x nine hundred mm
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Artist Profile

I am self taught Artist and Art lover. Through my work I seek to both explore and express the multiplicity of my Cultural Heritages :- Rarotongan; Samoan; Scottish and Tongan - and how they influence my perceptions of, and reactions to people, places, events and 'things'.......so essentially my 'world view'....for what it's worth Most of my Artworks can be rotated, and hung vertically/sideways/upside down - at the viewer's whim - evocative of a 'kaleidoscope ( my favorite childhood toy!). My work is distinctly 'me'........ it doesn't pledge allegiance to one cultural paradigm - nor style aesthetic. I have no agenda when I start a painting , it just evolves with my moods, as a form of escapism and departure from the mundanity of the 'Mainstream' Media and Popular Culture. My wonder and appreciation for the miracle that is our 'Mother Earth' is a constant source of inspiration.....despite my work not seeming to resemble the natural world at all.

Artist Statement

Polynesian and Nature inspired motifs are a recurrent thread in m paintings, and have become the veil through which I see the world – and hence how the viewer then see’s it. The overall effect of layering fragile and intricate patterns within geometrical forms layered over block colour is intended to challenge the eye with the dynamism and seeming ‘chaos’ it evokes. The dichotomy that lies therein – apparent ‘haphazzardness’ fringed with meticulously contrived detail is my portrayal, of ‘Life’ , which is loaded with provocative contrasts and paradoxes which often challenge , perplex, confuse and delight us ‘mere’ humans on a daily basis.
It could also be seen as metaphor for how the ‘creative soul’ can feel trapped or constrained by Western Societal constructs.

How I was affected

The time in lockdown afforded me the opportunity to really prioritise and focus on my painting - more than ever before. I became more appreciative of my 'circumstances' - and hence more patient and 'process' driven , rather than seeking to 'finish'. As a result I had multiple projects on the go - which was surprisingly gratifying, reinforcing that Art, and creating Art is essential to my overall wellbeing. I have tried to maintain the momentum post lockdown - irrespective of time constraints that the 'real world' imposes.

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