Fantails and Flax

Artist: Kerry Weston
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Artist Profile

I've enjoyed creative activities for as long as I can remember and studied Fine Art after leaving High School, going on to teach children aged 11-18. In 2002 I moved from the UK to the West Coast of New Zealand, where I picked up the paint brushes again for my own pleasure, creating rather large, semi-abstract, bright and bold bird scenes, depicting NZ birds' characteristics. These I incorporated into my family business, the aptly named Birdsong Accommodation. Since the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic, I've returned to teaching part-time and I am thoroughlly enjoying scaling my teaching ideas to suit children aged 2-6, allowing them to explore the magic of artistic creativity.

Artist Statement

Spring is my most productive and inspiring time of year with nature flourishing all around, warmth, and really blue skies for painting in crisp, natural light. The birds in my garden inspired the series of fantail paintings which began in 2019, flitting from the flax to the table and chairs. Local West Coast beach and bush walks influence my work and I particularly enjoy the challenge of colour mixing and creating brightly coloured, bold works with crisp lines of contrast, and clearly defined edges. My two preferred mediums are acrylics on canvas, and enamel sprays on corrugated iron.

How I was affected

Creating artwork is a form of meditation where I can close off my mind to everything but the task at hand. For me it is a solitary activity. It's a very useful relaxation and de-stress tool to have, and one which I try to encourage and teach in others. The Covid 19 pandemic had me realy stressed in March, too distracted to be immersed in a painting, though I did create some fun works to entertain the neighbours! Now I reflect on how lucky we are currently here in New Zealand to have our freedom and our health. The evolving rise in e-commerce resulting from the pandemic has got me thinking that I need to see this as an opportunity to showcase my work to the world online.

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