Artist: Anne Daniel
Dimensions:820mm x 160mm h x 80mm
Medium: handwoven harakeke (NZ flax – phormium tenax); wire

Artist Profile

My weaving journey with harakeke (NZ flax) began about 20 years ago at a Westland High weekend class. Since then I have gradually morphed from a maths teacher into a fibre artist with a deep passion for harakeke – both natural and dyed – as well as other plant fibres. I create woven art works for the wall, sculptural objects, baskets and kete, many of which have found new homes all over the world. I grow most of the materials I use in my work. My home and studio in Kaniere are set in a large garden and native bush; these surroundings feed and inspire my creativity. Visitors are welcome by appointment.

Artist Statement

I am always looking at new ways of incorporating harakeke into my art work. This work is created from narrow strips looped and knotted in a technique taught to me by the late Tungia Baker. While I have made a few smaller works using the technique, this is the largest to date. It was created earlier in 2020 as part of a body of work with holes and curves for the Gold.Flax.Paper exhibition. The curve, a whiri/plait created from four whenu/strips woven around wire to keep its shape, allows the delicate golden work to float on the wall, creating interesting shadows. Images never do it full justice.

How I was affected

In early March 2020 I left home for seven weeks to visit family in NZ and Australia. But a week later I returned home due to the rapidly changing Covid-19 situation and soon the country was in lockdown. It took some time to get back into my fibre art. I just wanted to be in the garden or kitchen. I had some works ready to dispatch that had to be put on hold and others that needed to be created. Gradually, I got back into creating again and it was so good to be able to do this without interruptions from normal activities. Then I started getting a surge of enquiries through my website, far more than I have ever had, and this is continuing. I am busier and more inspired than ever!

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