COVID Lockdown … An Inside View

Artist: Stewart Nimmo
Dimensions:723x491. (Can be printed any size though)
Medium: Photography

Artist Profile

I have been a photographic artist based in Greymouth for many years. I am inspired by the distinct nature of our region and love capturing this creation. Much of my work captures my reflection of the rugged coastlines and mountains and sometimes man's efforts of attempting to tame it. I also love to express the gentle side of nature as well whatever the weather. The vast array of vegetation and birdlife can also be seen in my work.

Artist Statement

I wanted to use a medium that I am familiar with to express myself during lockdown. It was hardly an huge effort being locked down in a beautiful spot on the West Coast situated in native bush and by the sea. This assembly however reflects my ‘inside view’

How I was affected

Has given me a new appreciation of how fragile life as we know it is. This work came directly from it. Business continues to be impacted from the drop of tourism but we continue to change our ways to cope and respond.

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