Artist: Rob
Medium: Plasterboard with acrylic and isolation coat

Artist Profile

I enjoy creating, whether it's with words, timber, soil or driftwood i see in various mediums the opportunities to create. For me personally i will see an ordinary object and will visualise its form waiting to be developed or crystalized. I create for different reasons at different times, often as an impulse to crystalize that idea. I previously studied art in college and have picked up the brush again for the first time in 13 years, after being overcome by impulse. I hope you enjoy my work.

Artist Statement

I woke up early in the morning and yearning to paint, all i had on hand was my childs paints and brushes, and i needed canvas, surely a sheet of plasterboard will suffice. As i began sketching and later painting i became engulfed by the process. I initially intended to make a more pleasant scenery around the tree but the form of the tree and the colors foretold a different vision, so i followed where they lead. To me this work is a story about projection and those things we choose to focus on, inner circle is an area of focus, where the colour is concentrated but move beyond it’s borders and the world is engulfed. When we chose to focus on things like chaos and destruction, often they become aparent in everything we see and colour our outlook, so for me it’s sort of about that, and more generally how focus shapes our inner and outer worlds.

How I was affected

The impact of covid-19 on me in practical terms has been minute, yet that's not to say it hasn't given me some significant cause for reflection, with the seeming chaos of the world beyond nz it gives an impression for me of our country as an emerging utopia, an oasis in an wastleland. I'm not certain it's inspired my work but surely we're never entirely distinct from our environments.

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