Contours: Charleston

Artist: Raquel Joseph
Dimensions:Artwork: 594 x 420mm Frame: 617 x 445mm
Medium: Pen on paper, with custom frame

Artist Profile

I am influenced by organic formations, form, function, and pushing the boundaries between the two. My work is often related to cartography, a sense of place, and abstract depictions of the natural world. I received a BFA with a major in graphic design from University of Canterbury in 2017, and relocated to the West Coast Te Tai o Poutini last year where I have been working and expanding my artistic practice. I produce predominantly small-scale paper artworks, with a focus on intricate details, using a range of mediums including pen and watercolours.

Artist Statement

Contours: Charleston is a pen on paper depiction of the Charleston area, using only topographic contour lines. My first West Coast summer was scattered with visits to the area’s bays and beaches. When I think about the West Coast’s varying landscapes, my first thought is Charleston. By reducing the area depiction to only contour lines, we are drawn to appreciate the very forms that define the landscape.

How I was affected

Aotearoa has fared better than many countries throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, but life is now different for many people. Artists have been hit hard by lockdowns and financial strain on communities. In a way, the Covid-19 pandemic has taught me to slow down, experiment with new processes and become inspired by my surroundings. The future of the art world will look different now, as communities come together to connect and appreciate art in new and interesting ways.

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